One Country Song Contest was originally a song contest held by ESC Tuomaala in Google+. Later, ESC Nathan revived the contest in a new environment in Discord. In this contest, all players get to select songs from one country only. All the songs get to compete for the victory.

This song contest aims to discover new music from one specific country. Each edition, there will be a different country to host. In each host country, all the players must find a song that is from that country. The singer doesn't necessarily need to be from the municipality given. But as long as it doesn't go against the rules, the song is allowed.

Format Edit

The contest is consist of participants who get to compete to find songs from only one country. Then, the players get to rate each song from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). The song that received the highest amount of points get to win and select the next host country.

Rules Edit


1. No Overused Songs.

2. Views Limit is 20 Million.

3. The singer doesn't necessarily need to be from the municipality assigned.

4. There shall be no the same artist from two or more municipalities.

5. The singer needs to be from the country that is hosting the edition.

6. No ESC Songs and Artists are allowed to participate.

7. No National Final Songs.

8. Covers are not allowed.

9. Songs must not be older than 2014.


11. Timeslot is 25 Seconds

12. Joke songs/entries are not allowed to participate.

Editions Edit


Edition Country Winner
#1 Iceland Katla - Thorsteinn Einarsson - Galaxy
#2 United States Of America TBA


Edition Host Country No. of Participants Winning City/Town Winning Song
Bucharest 01 Romania 14 Brasov Smiley Flori de platic
Oslo 02 Norway 22 Eidsberg Leona Griffin Complicated
Bratislava 03 Slovakia 21 Senec Martin Cisar Stastie
Istanbul 04 Turkey 28 Ankara HYO, Ummet Ozcan Sober
Berlin 05 Germany 36 Hamburg Tim Bendzko Hoch
Belgrade 06 Serbia 25 Bor Nikoleta Radulovic Kada setim se nas
Athens 07 Greece 22
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